Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Bon again

At the risk of this blog turning into one long love letter to Justin Vernon (AKA Bon Iver), the winner of BP's album of the year 2008 this week releases a new EP. It's a fantastic collection of four new songs which carries on exactly where his debut LP For Emma, Forever Ago left off. The title track, Blood Bank, is a beautiful soaring song which Vernon told emusic was inspired by cult nineties TV show Northern Exposure. The show was based in a fictional Alaskan town and dealt with isolation and the struggle to find your place in the world. So, Bon Iver's a fan, eh? Could have seen that one coming, I guess.

Download: Blood Bank - Bon Iver

Buy the EP at Rough Trade.
The above photo is from Muzzle of Bees.


akuma said...

for a blog called beatpoetry there's not many beats or poetry is there?

Beat Poetry said...

I'd say there's a fair amount of beats and poetry, in what we discuss not what we write...