Monday, 16 March 2009

Damn, Doooom

Jeez, there are some literal-minded motherfuckers in the world. Barely a week goes by that we don't we receive a message via one of the myriad forms of 21st century communication informing us that this blog doesn't contain enough beats or enough poetry or both. Well, we would argue that Beat Poetry in 2009 means a lot more than a well-thumbed Ginsberg paperback or some tedious chin-stroking backpack rap. This is a place where we bow down to drums and metaphors in all their forms, sometimes on their own, sometimes in combination. A perfect example of when they collide is BP hero Q-Tip, who was oustanding at the Roundhouse here in London on Saturday night.
All of this brings me to MF Doom - a rapper who has carried on the spirit and innovation of A Tribe Called Quest. His King Geedorah album is probably one of my top five rap LPs of all-time and his new effort on London's Lex Records - Born Like This, which is released on March 24th - promises to be one of the muscial highlights of the year. Kanye West posted this track Ballskin on his blog, and it sounds hottttt.

Download: Ballskin - DOOM

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hi long time listener first time caller.
needs more beats + poetry..