Monday, 23 March 2009

Take time for Tom Brosseau

The idea of the slow burner - an album or song that does not immediately knock you off your feet but takes weeks, months or years to infiltrate your nervous system - is a dying concept in an age where we're becoming increasingly accustomed to having every song ever recorded at our fingertips. It is hard to invest time in the awkward when you have Spotify's entire catalogue to get through and only an infinite amount of time before you die.

But we must fight the impatience that technology instills in us and return to those albums that we dismissed too quickly because sometimes (only sometimes, but isn't that enough?) the reward is extra special. For me, the perfect example is Tom Brosseau's Cavalier which took quite a few listens to finally reveal its full beauty to me, but now - a year and a half later - I still listen to it about once a week.

Ahead of the release of his new album, Posthumous Success in May, Mr Brosseau will be in the UK in April supporting PJ Harvey and John Parish (who produced Cavalier) on tour. He will also play a handful of smaller venues including London, Brighton and Glasgow (see here for details) and I strongly urge you to go along as he is a fantastic singer and storyteller.

Download: Favorite Color Blue - Tom Brosseau (from Posthumous Success, forthcoming on FatCat)

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