Thursday, 15 May 2008

Brand New Second Hand

If you are under 20 and your first port of call for new music is the Jo Wiley show, then you'd be forgiven for thinking that Radio 1 invented the cover version. FYI: This is not the case, and no it wasn't Mark Ronson either. The art of reinterpreting someone else's song is as old as popular music itself. From soul to reggae, punk to dance, there are thousands of cover version gems which faithfully copy, reimagine, twist or royally fuck up some of your favourite tracks. There is no formula for what makes a good cover and sometimes the worst ones end up being the best. We are planning to run a regular feature where we post some of our favourite covers, so to whet your appetite here are three stone cold classics.

St Etienne's proto-trip-hop take on Neil Young's Only Love Can Break Your Heart.

Buy it at Rough Trade

The Black Keys' version of Have Love Will Travel by 1960s cult heroes The Sonics.

Buy it at Rough Trade

And the KLF's What Time Is Love given a post-millennium refix by dance music misfit Max Tundra.

Download music by Max Tundra at Juno

Ha, only just noticed they all have love in the title. What a happy coincidence. Ally

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