Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The first big weekend of the summer

So, it's here. Summer. Or spring. Whatever. The sunshine is the important thing. And the beer. And the frisbee. And the T-Shirts. Woohoo.

One of my favourite songs about this time of the year is Arab Strap's The First Big Weekend, which came out 12 years ago and details a bank holiday binge in Glasgow in the wake of Scotland's crushing defeat to England in Euro 96.

When the band split in 2006, they got the best remixer in the entire world - Four Tet - to reimagine the song. He came up with a dark techno chugger, which makes it sound like a deleted scene from Trainspotting. Aidan Moffat's dead-pan delivery works perfectly with Four Tet's bleeps and thuds.

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PS The picture is by a one J Millard

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