Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Vinyl and Pilooski

Have jack to jack cable, have Audacity programme, will convert vinyl nuggets into digital bleeps. I know i'm way behind the times but i'm pretty excited about being able to get some of the records that i love that i only own on vinyl (often only way they exist) into my ipod earphones and onto this page.

The reason is records like Pilooski's recent vinyl-only, one-sided 7" called WCTBL. It's more chopped up and bass heavy than his usual style but i have to admit that i like pretty much everything he and the Dirty Sound System people release (with the exception of their version of Prince's 1999).

Download: PSKI - WCTBL

Yep, i got tired of 'Beggin' after a while too but The Pointer Sisters edit and this one below show that he's no one-trick pony.

Download: The Human Beinz (Pilooski Re-edit) - Nobody But Me

Buy music from Pilooski Rough Trade here.


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